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Why Live Bait?

Posted by Crickets Direct on 9/24/2014
When you are going to start fishing, if you arenít familiar with the practice it might alarm you that most of your bait is still alive. If you donít like insects this can be especially disturbing but your friends did not keep the bait alive just to freak you out. No there are some very clear and understood reasons for keeping bait alive that are gospel to every fisherman out there, this article will help answer some questions you might have on those benefits so that if you start fishing you might decide to use live bait also. So the big question of course is, what are the benefits of using live bait?

Reptiles Make Great Pets

Posted by Crickets Direct on 9/22/2014
Most children want a pet, and they should have one. Having a pet not only gives your child a best friend, but it also teaches them the responsibility of taking care of something completely dependent on them for survival, as they are completely dependent on their parents for survival.

What Do You Think About When You Hear The Word Cricket?

Posted by Crickets Direct on 9/7/2014
If youíre from the UK, or any of the Commonwealth nations, thereís a good chance the first thing you think about when you hear the word cricket is the sport. The rest of the world would probably think about something related to the insect thatís been a part of many peopleís childhoods around the world, a pet in some countries and a lovely snack in others.

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