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Crickets Make Excellent Fish Baits

Posted by Cherry on 5/23/2014
Are you still fishing with worms or lures? Why not add crickets to your stock of baits? Fish respond rather uniquely, and abundantly, to crickets. While female crickets home in on males with 'trills' most stimulating to them, fish are thought to be attracted to crickets because of their scent.

Why Crickets?

Posted by Nick on 5/15/2014
If you have a reptile at home you begin to wonder what kind of food to feed it. Do you give it the dried up chum from the pet store or go outside at night and hunt down the crickets that it justly deserves? We all know that you shouldn't go straining your back like that and it would only scare the neighbors.. which depending on your stance with your neighbors might be a benefit.

Learn How to Care for Ordered Crickets at Home

Posted by Owen on 5/7/2014
Food and nourishment are important requirements when it comes to pet care and ownership. Your pets are animals too that need nourishment, thus it’s a responsibility to provide them with proper attention and nourishment. The same is true if your passion is into exotic pets and animals- you also need to provide the pets with food and nourishment and ensure that the food remains available at all times. And when it comes to food and nourishment for your exotic pets, you also need to pay attention to ‘exotic’ food and nourishment in the form of crickets. Handling crickets may not be popular but if you’re into exotic pets then you should learn how to source and handle these insects.

Blog Coming Soon!

Posted by on 5/1/2014
Blog Coming Soon!

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 Crickets Make Excellent Fish Baits

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