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Why Live Bait?

Posted by Crickets Direct on 9/24/2014

When you are going to start fishing, if you arenít familiar with the practice it might alarm you that most of your bait is still alive. If you donít like insects this can be especially disturbing but your friends did not keep the bait alive just to freak you out. No there are some very clear and understood reasons for keeping bait alive that are gospel to every fisherman out there, this article will help answer some questions you might have on those benefits so that if you start fishing you might decide to use live bait also. So the big question of course is, what are the benefits of using live bait?

Why canít I just use a hi tech lure?: This is a pretty easy to mistake to make. You would think with all the fancy modern technology clogging up modern sports shops that a lure is the way to go. But believe it or not live bait-fishing accounts for more than half of the caught fish in North America. One of the few instances of the old practices beating out modern innovation.

Arenít fish supposed to be stupid?: You may think that fish are stupid and that theyíll eat anything but that really isnít the case. Especially dependant on things like temperature and water conditions, fish can be very particular about what they put in their mouths. Just because they are animals doesnít mean they canít tell what is food and what isnít. If you threw a fake bug into your fish tank at home do you think your fish would try to eat it?

Does it take more effort to use live bait?: Not as much as you would think. Sure you have to go out, buy them, keep them in your fridge (by the way be sure to label all your bait so your family doesnít mistake it for anything) and learn to bait the hook but youíll catch more fish as a result so the extra effort truly pays off and youíll find yourself enjoying the experience more. Youíll feel like a true fisherman in no time at all once youíve got some live bait on the hook and bite pulling at your line.

Are there any benefits outside of fishing?: As a matter of fact yes. Bait shops are small businesses and when you support these small businesses whether you know it or not you are helping to support your local economy.

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