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Why Crickets?

Posted by Nick on 5/15/2014
If you have a reptile at home you begin to wonder what kind of food to feed it. Do you give it the dried up chum from the pet store or go outside at night and hunt down the crickets that it justly deserves? We all know that you shouldn't go straining your back like that and it would only scare the neighbors.. which depending on your stance with your neighbors might be a benefit.

Why go to such lengths in making sure you have the best crickets around? Let's us tell you the how's and whys:

What are crickets good for?
This amazing creature is a great source of protein and fiber for anything eating it. It is the main source of food for many different kinds of lizards and creatures, but it is also good for humans to consume as well. Yes, humans can eat bugs as well, and before we had all of this fancy farming, were forging for food, bugs were a main staple. Bugs were easy to find, capture, and consume during our time when we all had huge foreheads. People still eat them today, though they cook and prepare the insects in a bunch of different ways for you to consume.

Why crickets?
As stated before, they are a great source of protein, but also they are very cheap to buy and prepare. The insect is great for feeding any creatures in your house hold that wants to consume the small being, but they are also a great crunchy treat for you to enjoy when cooked up right. Think of them as a moving chip that only helps you rather than makes you gain a boat load of weight. Unlike other insects, the cricket takes very little time to grow and do not require much space to transport or store.

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