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Wax Worms

If you own a reptile or amphibian, you probably already know that Crickets Direct is your one-stop source for all of your cold-blooded friend's favorite menu items. This is what they want, fresh live crickets and worms, not those lab-produced pellets that they sell down at the pet store. We offer extremely competitive prices, lightning-fast shipping and a customer-friendly service team that loves reptiles and amphibians just as much as you do.

If your pet is currently on a cricket diet, wax worms are a great way to introduce a healthy bit of diversity to their meal time. Plump, juicy and extremely tasty, at least according to the reptiles we've spoken with, our wax worms come in a 250 count package that is sure to put a smile on your salamander or a grin on your iguana. Click the Add to Cart button to order from the la carte menu, or if you prefer to shop by phone, just give us a call at 760-477-0277 during normal West coast business hours.
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100 ct. Wax Worms
100 ct. Wax Worms
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250 ct. Wax Worms
250 ct. Wax Worms
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