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Some Facts About Crickets

Posted by David on 7/16/2014
Don't bug out, and don't be bugged by what we write here. We know you pretty much think of the crickets we ship as just food - maybe you don't really need to know very much about the food your pets eat. Maybe you'll get attached to the little buggers!

They are just bugs. No need to bug out. But we do find crickets interesting in their own way, even if we only see them as something for our (and your) pets to consume. Crickets do have a role in the grand circle of life in nature, so in some way it can be useful to know how they fit in.

Here are some quick facts about crickets. Some of these you may know from your biology class in school, but it doesn't hurt to provide a reminder.
  • Crickets are mainly found in North America, though there are species found in other parts of the world.
  • There are about 900 known species of crickets in the world.
  • Crickets generally feed on plants, but will eat other insects if they feel they've been crossed. (Just kidding. A little.)
  • Crickets are no more than an inch long, but have compound eyes that allow them to see in many directions simultaneously. Their vision is exceptional, as well. 
  • Crickets have wings, but they are not used for flying; the males use their wings to help create the familiar chirping sound.
  • A cricket's life span is about one year.
  • Crickets are considered a good-luck charm in some cultures.
  • You could use cricket chirps to estimate the outside temperature - count the number of chirps in 60 seconds, divide the number by four and add 40 to get the estimate. 

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