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Preparing Crickets For Your Reptiles

Posted by Crickets Direct on 8/22/2014

Feeding a reptile is not exactly the same as feeding fluffy or fido. No, most reptiles cannot be fed man-made food. For many reptile owners, the feeding solution is the bulk ordering of crickets, which are naturally loaded with protein, fiber, calcium and are what many reptiles in the wild eat. However, this does not mean that anyone ought to be giving their reptiles just any olí cricket. No, doing this can harm your pet and is something that you must not do.


The first thing you have got to keep in mind when finding crickets to your scaly family members is where you will get them from. You simply must make sure you get crickets from a cricket provider who only feeds the little critters quality food and keeps them in clean conditions. After all, any food that goes into the crickets will end up inside your reptiles as well, just as any disease the insects bring with them will likewise end up in your cold-blooded buddies. Therefore, get to know your cricket provider before buying your crickets.


If your reptile is too small to eat adult crickets, do not buy so many young crickets that they grow too large for your pet to eat. Instead, buy and use the young crickets as needed.


Buying bulk orders of crickets means that you will have to feed them. Make sure you feed them right by giving them leafy vegetables, flaked fish food, and fruits. Also, it is always a sound idea to sprinkle calcium supplement powder and reptile vitamin powder over the food you feed to crickets. This will help ensure that the crickets you feed your reptiles are nutritious.

Mix it Up

And, of course, you want to make your reptiles happy in addition to being healthy. So, mix up their diet some by adding mealworms, earthworms, and other suitable food items to their feeding plan. Though they wonít say anything, the sparkle in your petsí eyes will be all the thanks you need.

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