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Mini MealWorms

Here at Crickets Direct, we provide you with you with a fast and convenient way to order mini mealworms for your exotic pets and for your next fishing expeditions. Our mini mealworms are tender and young, and sizes range from ľ-inch to ĺ-inch, making these supplies soft and easy to digest. Their sizes are recommended for feeding small and medium-sized amphibians and reptiles, and can also work when fishing.

Our mini mealworms are available in bulk orders- choose from 1000 ct. Mini Mealworms and 500 ct. Mini Mealworms. Our mealworm for fishing packages are offered with free shipping that covers a wider area, thus providing every enthusiast with an opportunity to enjoy their passion without having to worry about cost. Also, all mealworms are guaranteed fresh when it arrives in your home since these are freshly harvested so that our customers will get premium and healthy mini mealworms for sale every time. And since you will buy mini mealworms in bulk, you can be sure of savings along the way.

Donít let your pets and your passion for fishing wait for long, call us at 760-477-0277 or fill up this Contact Form to learn more about our products. Whether you are looking for bulk mini mealworms, crickets or wax worms, let Crickets Direct simplify your requirements for fresh and healthy protein sources for your pets.

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