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Learn How to Care for Ordered Crickets at Home

Posted by Owen on 5/7/2014
Food and nourishment are important requirements when it comes to pet care and ownership. Your pets are animals too that need nourishment, thus itís a responsibility to provide them with proper attention and nourishment. The same is true if your passion is into exotic pets and animals- you also need to provide the pets with food and nourishment and ensure that the food remains available at all times. And when it comes to food and nourishment for your exotic pets, you also need to pay attention to Ďexoticí food and nourishment in the form of crickets. Handling crickets may not be popular but if youíre into exotic pets then you should learn how to source and handle these insects.

Get them online to get better savings
You donít need to explore the outdoors to collect crickets for your pets. There are online stores that sell crickets by the 100s or 500s and will allow you to save in the long run. If you are new in this hobby, then itís best to read some resources or reviews first to check out which online stores and sellers provide crickets at the lowest cost. Also, try to check the packaging and shipping arrangements.

Know how to handle them at home
If you own a number of exotic pets at home then it pays to learn how to handle the crickets at home. Itís much more convenient and healthy of your pets if you can store and handle the crickets for a few days so that you can still feed them and keep them nourished for the pets. When it comes to exotic pet food management, it pays to order in bulk and keep some of the crickets at home.

You can keep the crickets in a large fish tank with cover. Look for a screen cover with smaller holes so the smaller insects canít get out of the tank. You can throw in a few rocks with a bit of soil into the tank to simulate their natural environment. You can store the tank in the basement or in a shaded part of your garden.

Gut-loading your insects before feeding time
Donít just keep the crickets in the tank and take them when itís time to feed the pets. You can also provide nourishment to the crickets so that your pets can get enough nourishment. You can feed the crickets with leftover means including oatmeal, fish flakes or anything nutritious.

Itís actually easy to maintain and keep your crickets for your exotic pets. You only need to find the best source for crickets, a tank for storage, patience and time for your pets.

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