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When you need crickets, why go out and try to catch them yourself when you can just go and order them from us? As you can see, we offer a vast amount of crickets for you to choose from and all of them are in a great condition. That is what you are purchasing here, you are getting the best crickets on the market for a price that is exceedingly affordable, but it isn't due to poor quality. We know that you are feeding your animals these creatures and we want them to have the best that we can possibly produce.

In some cases, you are going to be eating these critters, and we hope they are crunchy and delicious. You might find that a bit strange, but you would be surprised at how good these tiny bugs can be when they are treated and prepped correctly.

Go ahead, grab a bag of 500 or even 10000, and get cooking!

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250ct.  Live Crickets
250ct. Live Crickets
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500ct.  Live Crickets
500ct. Live Crickets
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1000ct. Live Crickets
1000ct. Live Crickets
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100  Live Crickets
100 Live Crickets
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5000ct Giants 5000ct Giants
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5000ct Mealworms
250 ct. Wax Worms